COVID-19 Update

I am pleased to be able to continue seeing patients, new and existing, for fertility care during this time with full Fertility treatment continuing at Genea. Most consultations will be via Skype or Phone.

Please Call 02 9557 1988  or email rooms for an appointment


I have consulting rooms in Glebe and the CBD and treat patients at Genea facilities in the Sydney CBD. Surgery is conducted at Strathfield and St Luke's private hospitals and Genea.  

Infertility First Appointment via Skype

Your first appointment will take about 45 minutes and will involve a thorough review of your and your partner's situation. I ask that you both attend (can be from different locations).  

At the conclusion of your appointment I will mail you relevant investigation forms (blood tests, ultrasounds, semen analysis, genetic screens etc) so that you are ready to undertake these once it is appropriate to do so.

Follow up appointments will be booked and take place either via Skype or face to face depending on the current situation.

What you need for your appointment

Prior to your first appointment please contact my rooms to find out what tests and medical records we will require you to bring along.

Any previous investigations or results might be useful so please bring or foward them to the rooms beforehand.

If you've had no tests, don't worry, that will be organised at your first appointment.

Vasectomy Reversal Consultations

In the majority of cases I will be able to conduct assessment over the phone prior to surgery avoiding the need to attend my rooms. In more complex cases or if you wish an appointment for a face to face meeting will be made.

Call 02 9557 1988  ››  

    Email our office  ››    

Call 02 9557 1988 ››

Email our office    ››

Dr Gabrielle Dezarnaulds - IVF and Fertility specialist

Fertility Subspecialist

  • Thorough and professional investigation
  • Elective Egg Freezing
  • Donor, egg or sperm, known or clinic recruited
  • Detailed and ethical discussion

Highly qualified

  • Honours degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS Hons USyd)
  • Specialist Gynaecologist (FRANZCOG)
  • Masters Degree in Reproductive Health and Human Genetics (MMed RHHG USyd)
  • Certified Subspecialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI)

Reproductive Microsurgeon

  • Vasectomy Reversal
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